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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Too FunΨ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ

Otsukareinaa R!P

Today was Live at Nakano Sun Plazaー R!P R!P

It was very fun you knowー R!P R!P R!P R!P

Especially MC with Sayu R!P lol

With a really pure feeling with a rough feeling we talked but it's normally!!!! really!!!! fun R!P

Wellーit's always rough though R!P

Reina! Project

Today in the dressing room I was together with Sayashi Riho-chan and、 Fuku-chan~ R!P

And then Aika~ R!P

Reina! Project

I took it during travel so it's blurring R!P blurring R!P R!P R!P

Moreover it's dark so、 I had Aika's smartphone's light to illuminate R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Today I did Live with twin tails but、 for tomorrow's hairstyle I'm waveringー R!P R!P

Should I go with twin or should I go with one・・・

I'm waーveーringー R!P R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina


Morrniーn R!P R!P

Today's sunny isn't iit~~

As I thought nice weather is nice R!P isn't it R!P

But it looks hot,,, R!P lol

If the weather's nice and it's cool it'll really be the bestー(lol)

Reina! Project

Today the morning is surprisingly slow so I could sleep for 9 hours even R!P

When I was going to sleep 【I can sleep for 9 hours】 when I thought that I was too glad that I wouldn't stop smirking R!P lol

I could sleep with a happy feelings you know R!P R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Today's jersey is SHOOP's set up R!P R!P

As expected set up is cute huh~(- ω -) R!P

Brings out my enthusiasm R!P

Reina! Project

Today too I'll do my besttt R!P R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina