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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Luxury♪

Otsukareinaa R!P

I Tanaka Reina、、 R!P

After coming to Hawaii have been doing luxuriously all the time R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Today to the restaurant with crowded crowded people the team who finished work early (it's just Sayu and Reina though R!P ) and

Coordinator-san、 manager came there together heyー R!P waーi R!P

Reina! Project


A。 It's Hawaii after all I'll write in english perhaps? R!P

Shop where the steak is super duper delishーapparentlyー R!P

Is the english correct? lol

Reina! Project

At Hawaii restaurant I'll definitely order caesar salad and shrimp cocktail R!P R!P

And then the awaitedー R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Steak━━━━ R!P R!P R!P R!P R!P

・・・and crab R!P R!P R!P

Yesー it was truly truly deliciousー R!P

Happiness R!P R!P R!P

And then the finishing is・・・・

Reina! Project

Aー I got to have luxury (´ψψ`)

Iyaーn R!P

Tomorrow I have to work my best R!P

Today I'm sleeping alreadyー(lol)

If I got awake in the middle of the night I'll do hula hoop while watching Golden Bomber's DVDー(lol)

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

My Bu○ Muscle・・・

Morrningー R!P

It's already evening here though okaーy R!P

Hawaii has nice weatherーyou knoow R!P R!P

Rain fell for a moment but R!P R!P

There's not even dampness it's easy to get throughー( ̄¬ ̄ R!P

There's also free time now and then you know?

Reina! Project

Tanaka-san has nothing to do R!P

So freeー。

Ah that's right R!P

At these times・・・

Reina! Project

Hula hoop it isss R!P R!P R!P R!P

For Hawaii of course I brought it you knowー R!P

Because there's swimsuit isn't thereー。

I don't like swimsuitー。

Really don't like itー。

My waist is drum after aーll R!P

Reina! Project

I'm using my free time effectively hey R!P R!P

Yesterday you knowーI got awake in the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep so while watching Golden Bomber's DVD

I did hula hoop for about 40 minutes R!P

Moreover while imitating Golden Bomber's choreography just with my hands。 lol

Amazing right (´ψψ`)

Dancing while hula hooping。 lol

Reina! Project

Being tired I fell asleep again 1 hour before gathering and waking up was hard、、、 R!P

But today's work has endedー R!P R!P

So quiーck。

I'm going to playー? lol

Reina! Project

But somehow my butt muscle hurtsー。 R!P

Why? lol

Yoga perhaps・・・

Hula hoop perhaps・・・・??

Or・・・・。 lol

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina