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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yappii~ R!P

Yesterday I really slept R!P

About one turn of the clock R!P

Amazing riightー(lol)

Reina too can sleep if she feels like sleeping can't she R!P R!P lol

Reina! Project

↑This doesn't look like Reina does it R!P R!P R!P R!P


Looks like a man R!P

Reina! Project

Today you know

Was [Goo Bike R!P ]-san's photoshoot by myself R!P

April 6th release so please check iーt R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

Amazingly Laughable(lol)

Um you knowー R!P

After a loong time R!P

I watched it R!P R!P

6th gen's training camp R!P R!P

Really laughable・・・ R!P

Sayu and Sugai-sensei's conversation was amazingly amusing R!P R!P

Sayu's face while she's listening to Sugai-sensei's talk was the best R!P lol R!P

Reina's just a yankiー isn't she as expected R!P

My jersey's too big R!P lol

Now I know the reason why I'm called [yankiー yankiー] R!P R!P

Compared to now isn't it more awful back then R!P lol R!P

Watching it after a long time I thought that 6th gen's amusing、、、 R!P R!P R!P R!P

In a little screen my seniors' faces who're watching the training camp are shown but

I also laughed at everyone's amazed faces。 lol

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina