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Sunday, January 22, 2012



Hello! Con with today all is finished

Since coming back from overseas (Ah by the way I went to Guam ) it was Live so

Wonder if it'll be all rightー

Or so I was worried but

On the contrary in Guam perhaps I could refresh

Stamina wise too it's absolutely all right

I could do it with fresh feelings

It was very fuun


After it's ended you know

Iikubo Haruna-chan was drinking fizzy juice so

Reina said give me a bit pleaーse and received it

To Haruna-chan 『Is it all right if I drink it directly with my lips?』 when I asked that

『Yes absolutely in fact I'd be glad

Oh oo...(;゜0゜) I became

You'd be glad? with that kind of thing、、、lol

Right there Ishida Ayumi-chan showed up

『After Tanaka-san can I drink?』

Haruna-chan 『No wayー

Reina 『・・・lol』

Right there Kudou Haruka-chan showed up

『Ehhh howーnice

Right there Satou Masaki-chan showed up

『Tanaka-saーn I also want soーme

Reina 『That juice isn't Reina's but Iikubo-san'sー *forced smile*』

What the heck━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

Is with 10th gen members lol

Anyway weell today's Live was also really fun

Even in dressing room I was clamorous noisy all the time

Somehow I'm getting impatient about Spring Tour

Everyone who came thanks

People who couldn't come too please come play to Morning Musume。's Spring Tour

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina


I'm going to upload earlier's continuation

Aika Reina; Long unseen 2shot

A long unseen 2shot riight

Haruka Reina Masaki

Unusual faces don't you think?

Our seats were next to each other

Um you knoowー

After all Mobekimasu members went all seats were already at reserved state

Somehow halfway

Tsugunaga Momoko-chan forcibly came next to Reina

And started talking in the usual manner

I have no choice (lol) but to upload you to blog so let's take a pic。 when I said that

I'm wearing no make up so it's NG or so she started saying

Momoko-chan doesn't change wearing make up or not so it's fineーisn't it

When I said that

It's no goodー

She said so

Theen it's fineー。 when Reina said that


Tanaka-san will take pic if it's for blog but for memories pic with me is not needed is that iitー

So cruーel

Said that to me

Not goood I thought

I have no choice but not even uploading it to blog、 and took a private shot lol

Momoko-chan's really amusinggg

After going past irritation and getting here、 it's amusing (lol)

Somehow Momoko-chan's previous life was an angel apparentlyーyou know。

Next time you meet Momoko-chan

Are you stupid

Say that please。

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina