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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Otsuー R!P R!P

Event at Kameari has endeed R!P R!P

Today 10th gen+Reina were theーmembers you know R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Set list was you know~
R!P Seishun Domannaka (10th gen)
R!P Boogie Train (Reina solo)
R!P Wakuteka

・・・like that~ R!P R!P

You didn't even think that I'd sing Boogie Train riight??

It was very fun (´ψψ`)

At this time Boogie Train isn't sung anymore so

For people who came today it was rare you knowー R!P

Reina! Project

Also Kyunn R!P Kyunn R!P Corner was lively too wasn't it R!P

Wonder if people who came today had fun R!P

Did you not have fun with just 10th gen and Reinaー R!P lol

If everyone had fun it's fineーbut、 I'm a bit worried R!P R!P R!P

Reina likes thatーkind ofー petit skit type so it was fun you know R!P lol

If there's another chance to do Event with 10th gen+Reina、 let's do Kyunn R!P Corner ok R!P R!P

Thank you for coming in the middle of coldness today R!P R!P R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

Burst Burst Burst Out Laughing

At midnight my friend sent an amusing video

From morning she's had an outburst of laughter R!P Tanaka Reina diーd R!P R!P

Everyone good morningー( ̄▽ ̄ R!P

Today too the morning's early heーy R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Yesterday Live、 mama came so after returning home we were fired up with Live's talk R!P R!P

At night I even burst out laughing R!P 。 lol

Burst out laughing all the time ( ̄¬ ̄) hehe

Reina! Project

But you seeー

Reina had a thought buーt

I might like my face after Live the mostー R!P R!P

Perhaps it's because it's after I drew a lot of sweat、 my face was smooth wasn't itー R!P

Reina! Project

When I took off the rubber it really did turn to amazing head R!P

My hair's grownー R!P way to goー R!P R!P

Growing quickly is niceーbut you see

It's just that the black root is standing out it's a pain huh。 R!P

Reina! Project

I thought of extending my hair but

For people I haven't met for a long time

Current one is nice。 or so I was told~

I'm waveringー R!P

For now I'll just leave it as it is。 R!P

Reina! Project

Today I'm doing event at Ario Kameari from 18 o'clock R!P

People who seem able to come please come ok R!P R!P

Because I'm going to do a special thing that can only be seen today R!P R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina