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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Again otsukareina

Just now I was picking souvenir for my brother

Hope he'll be gladー

When Reina goes overseas at free time

She's always using the time to pick her brother's souvenirーshe feels

No matter what I really do like my brother perhaps、、、 lol

Jamaican cooking's main I ate today is like thisー

Spare rib

Below this there's a lot of rice stuffed

Even thought there were many adults

Even with everyone eating it we couldn't eat it all upー

But a single hero who ate those completely until the end is・・・


Not (lol)


At first you thought What's this title rightー? lol

Shigeryuー is cameraman Hosoi-san's assistant-san

But he's still not an assistant apparentlyー(lol)

I don't really know lol

Even when manager-san asked which university he's from he absolutely won't tell、 Shigeryuー who's the same 22 year old as Reina。 lol

Somehow you knowww

Reina's birthday is PS3 release day and

Shigeryuー's birthday is Wii release day apparentlyーyou know


Thatーdoesn't matterー lol

Today's dinner was together with Hatome-chan、 Saitou-san、 manager-san

Shigeryuー surrounding party it was lol

Thenーtomorrow's also early I'm going to sleep quicklyー

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

◆Saitou&Hatome Story◆


Today I really laughed away

I went to eat dinner with everyone you know

On the left is Saitou-sanー

Is Saitou-san ok not buying souvenir for wifeー? when I said that

I'm asked but I come for work so there's no time for that you knowーhe said and now he's returned to hotel

But you know

The truth is there's a lot of time you know。lol

Saitou-san's wifeee

There's a lot of time you knowー lol

Now 『Aーso busy so busy』 he said and went back (lol)

Work is already over so he's absolutely not busy you know lol

And then on the right side is stylist Hatome-chan

Hatome-chan always eats a lot of rice until her stomach is full lol

Even in the middle of transport she's eating lots of snacks

Her favourite phrase is 『AーI'm full』 or

『Aーso painful』


Today I ate Jamaican

It was delicious you know

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina