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Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Home!

Good evening

I've returned to Japan

Even though manager-san's breath is white

Breathing on the same place Tanaka's breath doesn't turn white (lol)

Am I not alive? lol

It's reーally cold、 I who came back to real world at once can't hide my trembling

Hosoi-san Reina

Cameraman Hosoi-san

A really kind person who has a mysterious atmosphere

Usually when he's around Reina he's like yes yes person so

Being together was fun

Hosoi-san Reina-san Shigeryu~

Another appearance of Shigeryuー。

Today too Hatome-chan and Saitou-san and manager-san

Teased him all over since morning lol

It was so funー

Aーit's so coldー

The temperature's too different my body can't folloーーow


It was truly a fun 4 days


Now I'm going to go read the comments little by little youーknow

When I was overseas I couldn't read them so、 it's been piling up

Looking forward to reading themー

When I was reading I noticed but、、、

I、 since joining Morning Musume。 have entered the 10th year apparently

Notice it yourself is what i truly think

But every year I always forget

Everyone thanks for the celebrating comments ok

From now on too please treat me kindlyyy

Also you know from 19th in Fukuoka

Suugaku Joshi Gakuen's 1st episode has started apparently

From my hometown friends I watched it you knowー mail came

I'm going to read everyone's 2nd episode's impressions comments okayyy

Also also

The entry I made last time

【Suugaku】 was mistyped to 【Suuji】 apparently

Excuse me

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina