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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Somehow You Seeー

For myself I want to become a suーper duper R!P confident human R!P

Wellーjust between us、、

Even now there are days when I have confidence but you see。 lol

It depends on the day and、 it's not always and sometimes there are times when I seriously dislike myself。

A。 I'm talking about my face ok ( ̄¬ ̄ R!P

Weell there's also my feeling's side but you see。

Humans decide with mood don't weー。 for various stuffs R!P

It'd be nice if I could always stay in good moodーhuhー。

But you know? Because there are ups and downs the ups are the best R!P huhー R!P

I know that too。

But changing the topic but wonder what Reina's life's goal isー。 or where?


Or to get married and settle down?

Or not with singing but acting R!P

Reina wants to continue being entertainer R!P R!P

Again I still don't want to settle down R!P R!P R!P

Everyone what do you think your own goal is?

I wonder if there's no such thing as goal until you die??

Reina's life、 wonder if it's ok to progress in this roadー??

Somehow in life we can't read what's ahead so、 it's amusing isn't it R!P R!P

There's anxiety too but you see。

Even if we felt anxious we can't read what's ahead so、 it can'tーbe helped after all。

Things that we can't imagine will be happening after all won't it R!P R!P R!P

Wonder if the day when Reina will live separated from her family will comeー?

I don't want itー。 R!P R!P

・・・what is this talk (lol)

Reina! Project

I'll go to karaoke perhaps R!P

(↑Suddenlyy。 lol)

Today I did recording and Fall Tour's outfit fitting and rehearsal you knowー R!P R!P

Even though on 12th it's genepro,,,

Still not fretting I am,,,lol

Because you see?

Rehearsal started from yesterday after aーll。
(・ε・` )

There's no time to be fretting (lol)

Because because today's rehea 2nd day after aーll。

,,,Just saying ok。 lol

Reina! Project

But Garigari-kun's corn potage flavour sale is stopped? paused? apparentlyーhuh R!P R!P

It's too popular R!P

Strongest huh R!P R!P R!P R!P R!P lol

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

The Heck's This。lol

Yappii R!P

Today I saw a dream R!P

Somehow you know?

I ate Sayu's melon bread R!P arbitrarily a dream where Sayu's getting timid。 lol

(・ ・;)

Reina! Project

I'll explain properly ok

On a desk there were 2 breads 1 of them was Reina's R!P

But I didn't know which one's mine the one I took to my hand was melon bread

Sayu who was sitting across me said 【Can I have a bit?】

Sayu's response when I tear and gave it was somehow sulky R!P so

Wonder if she's in a bad mood somehowー? or so I thought but

Later on I noticed it was Sayu's melon bread。 R!P

Sayu too if it's her own melon bread she should've said It's mine you know。 rightー。
(・ε・` ) Buー。

The heck's this dream。 lol

Reina! Project



Somehow there's a lot of things I want to do R!P

・・・Or so I feel R!P lol

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina