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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Yesterday on the plane R!P back home I was dead asleep so I couldn't sleep at night you seeーe R!P

And so at handshake event from a fan、

At TV program that Reina appeared in there's one that can't be watched in Tokyo and

The MJ that I missed I received them in a DVD so I watched them right R!P

While Reina's doing Stacy's Sayu appeared in 【Ahosuki!】 right R!P

The one with Prima Danna-san coming to concert R!P

That was really amusingー R!P R!P R!P

Reina! Project

Morning Musume。 was chased after all the timeーso private side was shot a lot too

But Prima Danna the 2 of them worked that hard behind the scenes didn't they R!P R!P R!P

Thank you very much R!P

During concert every fans and Prima Danna-san were getting along very well getting fired up weren't theyー R!P R!P

Back then I got to do location too Ahosuki! I like it very much R!P R!P R!P

I want to go to the studio again huhhh R!P R!P

It's truly amusing R!P

I'll watch it 1 more time again perhaps? lol

Reina! Project

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina

Lazona Kawasaki!!!

Otsukareena R!P R!P R!P R!P

Today in the middle of rain loーtts of people gathering made me very~glad R!P R!P

First performance R!P of The Matenrou Show R!P how was itー R!P

It's the first performance so I was nervous R!P that I'd mistake the lyrics (lol)

Reina! Project

↑This one in the middle is・・・ R!P

Lazona Kawasaki's character Lazona-kun R!P ・・・was it again・・・?? R!P

9・10th gens hit it all over R!P R!P lol

Reina! Project

Today people who were going shopping by chance too must've

Seen it I think so if you're interested I'd be gladー R!P R!P

Tomorrow is Event at Ikebukuro's Sunshine I'm going to do 3 performances you knowー R!P R!P R!P

I'll do my best R!P R!P R!P

Today let's sleep quickーly R!P R!P

Tanaka Reina no Otsukareina